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Twisted Floor Lamp | The Gallery

Twisted Floor Lamp | The Gallery

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Wooden floor lamps with twisted body. Pleated fabric shade in beige finish. Antique cream finish.

Our collection of floor and table lamps is known for its opulent patterns and elaborate ornamentation. Scalloped with a touch of classic and contemporary, this lamp is designed to give optimum illumination and classy appearance to your interiors. The stem between the base and the bulb holder and shade is built, carved, and painted by hand making it a very valuable piece of art.

The materials used are unaffected by atmospheric corrosion and suitably treated/painted for protection against it and have ample thickness to withstand heavy duty use and occasional accidents. The lamp base is sufficiently heavy to ensure good stability. All our lamp shade are well ventilated. There are no external sharp edges, or any internally in way of the electric cable to the lamp holder. Painted parts on our lamps are finished with abrasion resistant, durable materials. The lamp shade finish material are also be heat resistant and high gloss internally. The shade interior are generally white, or silver to allow lighting to focus on the area and surroundings.

• Recommended 220 Volts 'warm white' (2,700K) to replicate the warm, slightly yellow glow of an old incandescent or halogen. (Not Included)

Care Information:
• Use only Cotton or Synthetic Fabric
• Wipe the lampshade with a microfiber cloth, roll it with a sticky-tape lint roller or vacuum it with an upholstery-brush attachment to get rid of loose dust and dirt.
• Fill a bathtub or large basin with enough warm water to swish the shade around freely within the tub or basin.

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