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Surface Wood Coffee Table

Surface Wood Coffee Table

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Multiuse small tables inspired, according to the words of the designer, by a painting by Piet Mondrian and the sculptures of Donald Judd, which skilfully combine different materials (wood and metal) and satin and glossy colours. The collection, which already consists of three different elements, now welcomes a new module that offers a new composition design with the possibility of accessing the lowest surface from all four sides.

“Aesthetically, they recall a Piet Mondrian painting and the form of a sculpture by Donald Judd,” this is how Vincent Van Duysen describes the sources that inspired him to create this minimal, geometric and linear product. Almost modular and highly customizable, it has become an iconic object of modern furnishings produced in Italy.

Surface expresses a poetic design that moves between reducing forms, essential materials and natural colour choices. These sober features never derive from simplification, but rather from a subtle quest for balance.

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