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MOVYis3 Mesh Stackable Cantilever Armchair

MOVYis3 Mesh Stackable Cantilever Armchair

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MOVYis3 EYE-CATCHING DESIGN. IDEAL TECHNOLOGY. Good design starts where you can feel it. The MOVYIS3 product range takes the combination of design and aesthetics with form and function to a completely new level. Light, dynamic, unique: MOVYIS3 stands for weightless appearance, transparency and aesthetic highlights that will refine your work and living space. Make the extraordinary a staple item of your office furniture. Set a standard simply by sitting.

MOVYis3: The end of class barriers MOVYis3 stands for the kind of sitting comfort you only enjoy in first class. Like every other Interstuhl chair, its shape, function and ergonomics are all geared towards providing a really good sitting experience. This office swivel chair raises synchronous mechanism to a genuinely premium level - this is what we call the Body Float effect. The feeling is one of floating and weightlessness. The design is light, dynamic, pure. An office chair for today.

Interstuhl has been developing and manufacturing chairs for the world of work for more than 5 decades now, and have supplied customers all over the world with "Interstuhl chairs made in Germany". they aim to ensure that our high-performing seating solutions not only protect the health and vitality of people who remain seated for prolonged periods but also to do all they can to make sitting on an Interstuhl chair an unalloyed pleasure. "Enjoy Seating Performance" is not just their slogan; it's the Interstuhl promise - one they have now fulfilled more than 30 million times.

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