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Cleopatra Sofa Set | Living Room Sofa

Cleopatra Sofa Set | Living Room Sofa

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This Cleopatra Wood Sofa Set is masterpiece that can perfectly fit in the living room of every house and hotel. All the pieces of Cleopatra collection entirely handmade by master craftsmen and are characterized by the use of high quality wood solid materials and the meticulous care of all the slightest details and 100% hand carved also handcrafted.Set includes a wooden sofa, a loveseat and two lounge chairs with silver leaf finish. Satin upholstery. Quilted satin on exterior areas. A carved wooden coffee table and two side tables with silver leaf finish also included in this master set.



Sofa: W 220 x D 100 x H 120 cm

Loveseat: W 180 x D 100 x H 120 cm

Chair: 80 x D 80 x H 120 cm

Coffee Table: W 140 x D 80 x H 50 cm

Side Table: W 65 x D 65 x H 60 cm





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