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Antibodi Chaise Longue with flowers | Moroso

Antibodi Chaise Longue with flowers | Moroso

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Antibodi Chaise Longue with flowers. The aesthetic order of blossom. A new shape for a non-padded chair, three-dimensional geometry derived from the cellular genesis of sewn petals using the layout of a graphic structure with a triangular base. The result is a floral explosion, a marvellous symbolic display of fertility. Antibodi is a life force, the epitome of wonderful yet contradictory charm. The petals, in double sided fabric- felt and baize or baize and leather- create a structural upholstery, which is fixed to the stainless steel frame. The upholstery has a dual personality, welcoming and feminine when the petals face upwards, intentionally severe and matelassé when the petals face down. Self-supporting two-color cover bonded to polyurethane foam and technical mesh. Steel structure and PVC glides. Cover available in two versions.

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