Adeoye’s African Inspired – RemX Walker- Steals the Show at SaloneSatellite Exhibition

Adeoye’s African Inspired – RemX Walker- Steals the Show at SaloneSatellite Exhibition

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Meet Lani Adeoye, founder of Studio Adeoye, the winner of the prestigious 11th SaloneSatellite Award. Hailing from Nigeria, Adeoye has captivated the furniture world with innovative and stunning designs.

In her recent interview published at Salone Del Mobile, she gracefully spoke about the inspiration behind her winning “RemX Walker” project. She reflects on the importance of pushing boundaries and seeking diverse perspectives to create something meaningful.

Her project which managed to catch the jury’s attention, is a walker. The inspiring project is more than just a piece of furniture. What’s laudable is the sensitive approach behind its design process. Adeoye’s collection showcases her unique approach to design, which focuses on reimagining traditional materials in new and unconventional ways.

In her interview, Adeoye seems to value the role of design in shaping our environments and the impact that well-designed spaces can have on our well-being and productivity. Lani Adeoye’s visionary approach highlights the significance of delving into diverse areas within a field and embarking on new ventures to enhance one’s knowledge and expertise. She was captivated by interior design spaces and leveraged furniture design to diffuse her artistic vision with cultural influences. By doing so, she honors her Nigerian heritage and broadens the scope of design possibilities.

Lani Adeoye acknowledges the influence of her Nigerian culture and West African values on her design work. Adeoye stresses the significance of incorporating contemporary perspectives in designs that draw inspiration from African heritage.

Her approach to design is grounded in a desire to honor and celebrate her cultural heritage while also pushing the boundaries of what opportunities she could get in diversifying the field. According to Adeoye, modern furniture design should be a reflection of our current lifestyles.

She believes that by re-imagining traditional materials, we can create designs that are both creative and meaningful. Lani Adeoye is known to prioritize research and experimentation during her furniture design process.

Adeoye’s Ekaabo collection, which gained significant recognition in Milan, showcases her inspiration drawn from her Nigerian heritage. Her design blueprints exemplify her philosophy, showcasing her ability to create inspiring and innovative designs while staying true to her roots.

The collection has garnered critical acclaim and worthy limelight, with Adeoye’s recent SaloneSatellite Award win cementing her place as a rising star in the interior design world.

We at Farsh are impressed to see such a talented designer recognized for her inspiring work and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Adeoye.

Check out the link to learn more about her thoughts and goals for the furniture spaces.
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