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Painting With Crown | Art And Decor

W99.5 x D5 x H156 Centimetres

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Brand The Gallery
Style Cotemporary

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Painting With Crown | Art and Decor
Picture. Frame with crown, made from wood in antique brown finish. Gold tipping is done on the crown. Flowers planted in a pot sitting on the ground, hand painted.
These magnificent prints are produced with the intention of decorating your home, office, or studio with the brilliant essence of the masters who created them.
Paintings bring character to your homes. They are a reflection of your personality. Our paintings help you perceive the living spaces in a profound and unique way. Art has lots of sentimental value and a great impact on the overall ambiance. Paintings are part of Accessories, which play a very important role in completing and paying off the design. This is where we add the finishing touches, bring out the customer’s personality and create the desired textures, shapes, and colors to complete the décor. … Creative placement of certain accessories helps identify the space. Hand-painted and carved, our collection of accessories are of great aesthetics to make living and formal spaces cozy and colorful.
Construction of Accessories & Application:
• Artwork and at wooden or metal frames
• Traditional and Contemporary spaces
• Living and formal spaces

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