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The placement of the wall mirror is also something that informs your eventual purchase decision. Just like a carpet for living looks different from a rug for the bedroom, outdoor wall decor looks very different from interior wall decor and typically cannot be used interchangeably. Also, while bedroom wall decor can be ornate and delicate, outdoor and compound wall decor don’t enjoy the same freedom. When buying wall decor for your home, keep their placement in mind to find the perfect wall decor for each section of your home with beautiful wall mirror.

How To Choose Wall Mirrors For Your Home

A wall mirror is a piece of décor that can make or break a room. The right one, in the right frame can really make a place come alive. When choosing wall mirrors, here are some things to keep in mind:
- Shape of the mirror: Shape can define a space – whether accentuating the existing personality of a space, or creating an effect of something that isn’t there. A round wall mirror or curved mirror can soften the décor of a room, while a long mirror or an angular one gives a tidier or organized impression. If you want to experiment, why settle for just one mirror? Create a shape of your choice with multiple mirrors.
- Size of the mirror: Consider if you want the mirror to be the point of attraction in the room, or if you want it to blend into the background. Use small mirrors with attractive frames as accent pieces. A large mirror with a well-chosen frame can also become a focal point. A full length wall mirror can make a room appear larger than it really is.
- Style: The type of frame, the material and shape will make a huge difference to the room’s décor. You could choose a mirror to reflect the personality of the room, or something that stands out so obviously that it becomes a dramatic accent piece. If you have an ethnic décor theme, then ornate mirrors work well. If minimalistic is more your thing, then a sleek wooden frame will do the trick. If you’re choosing a coloured frame, make sure that it doesn’t clash with the existing décor. A gallery wall of mirrors is a superb way to decorate with wall mirrors and does wonders for a home’s décor.
- Purpose and Placement: Perhaps the most important thing to consider is to decide where you are going to hang each wall mirror. This naturally sets the tone for everything else. Do you need a vanity mirror in your bedroom, or an oversized mirror that amps up the style quotient of the room? Based on where you plan to use these mirrors, shape, size and style will be determined. Consider what will be reflected in the mirror when you place in a particular spot.

Decorating Your Home With Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror gives you tons of opportunity to play with your home décor. And where you place a wall mirror can make a massive difference to the way a room appears. Here are some fun ways to decorate your home with wall mirrors:
- Wall mirrors at the entrance: A mirror near the front door, perhaps with a nice, wooden shoe rack or a decorative table under it, or an over the door mirror, is a nice touch. If you have a painting on the opposite wall, the mirror accentuates it by reflecting it. And you can sneak a glance at your makeup before you head out!
- Corridor of mirrors: If you have a long passage or corridor, then consider multiple mirrors to adorn the walls of the passage. This also helps reflect light and makes the space look less dark.
- Over your study desk: A wall mirror above the table will make your study look larger than it is. And get a quirky frame to lighten the somber atmosphere!
- In the bathroom: You might wonder why this is a big deal. Yes, we all need mirrors in the bathroom. But a proper sized mirror in the bathroom makes a difference when it comes to shaving, applying makeup, or even making a small bathroom appear larger.
At farsh.com.sa we understand that everyone’s needs are different. And so, we present a wide array of choices when it comes to your home decor. Mirrors are something that we absolutely cannot do without in our homes. And when chosen with a little care and thought, they can become showstoppers in our home décor. Explore the range of wall mirrors at farsh.com.sa to find the perfect mirrors to reflect your home’s personality.

Shop designer mirrors for walls to give an extra touch to your home décor

Regardless of the décor, size or style of the space, there’s not much that can go wrong with the right mirror in place. A well-placed wall mirror design helps give the illusion of space to even the smallest and darkest of rooms. Some people even believe that if placed correctly, a mirror can bring good vibes and fortune into their lives. From simple wall mirror designs to latest wall mirror designs, take your pick from the wide range of options, only at Farsh.

- Wall mirror designs

- Whether you want to keep things simple or make a statement, there are a lot of styles and options from which to choose. Hallways can sometimes be dark; an ornate designer mirror for the wall can be a game-changer for your décor. Throw in carpets and rugs for a cosier vibe. Although a round mirror design can sound like a cliché, it is a classic that will never go out of style. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a piece that is a great conversation starter, fancy wall mirror designs are the way to go. To set the right ambience, add some decor lights to your mirror and watch it sparkle.

- Wooden wall mirror design

- A wooden wall mirror design can make a massive difference to your room’s décor. The thing about wall mirror design wood frames is that it can elevate your decor without appearing too ostentatious. Be it retro or vintage, a wooden wall mirror can easily fit into any décor scheme