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Table Lamp


- Looking to buy table lamps online? With so many options available, choosing the perfect one can be confusing. Before you choose one, however, you need to decide what purpose the table lamp will serve. If the room already has a primary light source, adding a stylish tripod table lamp is a great way to update your décor instantly. If you’re looking for something more powerful, then a reading lamp is your answer. Material, height, style and scale are some of the factors that influence a table lamp price. Once you know where you’re going to be placing the lamp, everything else will fall easily into place. For your bedside, you might like soft but powerful lighting. Whereas, for your living room, we suggest ‘layered lighting’. A mix of wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps will help create the perfect lighting for every occasion.

- Choose Wide Range of Wall Lights for Home

- When you have limited choices, your selection often ends up being a compromise or something you buy out of necessity. At Farsh, we recognise the power of choice and offer an exciting range of wall lights for your home. Wall hanging lights, wall mounted lights, living room wall lights, and floor lamps are just a few lighting fixtures that are available in our vast catalogue. These wall lamps aren't just visually different but also bring their unique personalities and aura to your home.

- To help you give each room in your home a distinctive look, we offer unique wall lamps designed for specific rooms. From decorative wall lights for your study to fancy wall lights for living room, our collection of wall lights is truly remarkable. The best part? Our superior quality wall lights can transform the look of your room without costing a bomb.

Choose Farsh Wall Lights by Designs

As you can imagine, the wall light design you pick for your home needs to factor in everything from your existing furnishings to the colour of the walls. The wall light lamp that ends up adorning your wall needs to either blend in seamlessly with your existing decor or enhance it. If you end up picking indoor wall lights that don’t match your aesthetic, the wall lamps will stick out like a sore thumb and even disrupt the visual aesthetic of your room.

Designer wall lights are great if the mood board for your living room features classy and understated furnishings and fixtures. In terms of wall light designs, you’ve quite a few options to choose from, including wall mounted lights, cordless wall sconces, industrial style wall lamps, antique glass lamps, lantern wall sconces, and others. You can choose from these different designs depending on where you’re planning on using the wall light. For instance, cast-iron lamps work perfectly as boundary wall lights since they are durable and can withstand the sun and the rain. For your study, a wall-mounted table lamp works great since it doesn’t take up any desk space and can be angled accurately to provide maximum light. LED wall lights for indoors are also a safe and reliable choice that works in almost every room.

Latest Wall Lighting by Farsh

There's a lot of value to furnishing your home with wall lights that complement the existing decor while functioning as powerful sources of light. Amongst the most used are LED wall lights. These little beauties don’t just brighten up your room, but they do so with aplomb. Available in modern designs and styles, LED wall lights are designed to add a modern touch to your existing decor. Other decorative wall lights include wallchiere, rustic style sconces, silver-toned contemporary scones, and more. Each of these options is equally beautiful, and you can pick any so long as they go well with your house’s design aesthetics.

If you want a modern wall light lamp for your living room, Farsh has some great options. From pristine Corbin wall lamp to classy Tupelo wall lamp, we offer functional yet fancy wall lights for every budget type. Want the latest lighting fixture for your bedroom? We’ve some beautiful bedroom wall lights for you, including a sleek wall lamp that beautifully doubles as a bedside study lamp.

- Shop Wall Lamps & Lights Online

- Your home decor is made of many little things that come together to create something special, and wall lights are an important element of your home decor. To help you furnish your home with the best lighting fixtures possible, Farsh offers an exciting collection of designer wall lights for different rooms in your home. We have everything from interior wall lights and boundary wall lamps to ceiling lights and study table lamps in stock.

- An important point to consider when you buy wall lights for your home is their purpose. Each wall light is designed to serve a specific purpose, and knowing what it is can help you make the right choice. For instance, a wall focus light, like the name suggests, turns the illumination towards the wall and highlights it instead of a general area around the lamp. Another example is the wall mount LED light which is perfectly suited for smaller homes that require a powerful source of light that doesn’t take up any floor area.