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What is the Difference Between a Pouf and an Ottoman?

Many people are confused about what the function of a pouf is. They often get compared to ottomans because their uses are similar. And while their uses can overlap, i.e. they can be sat on, poufs and ottomans are different furniture items that are designed to be used for different things. For instance, some people opt to use ottomans in lieu of a coffee table, but poufs wouldn’t function well in that role.

How Can Poufs be Incorporated into Your Home Design?

Poufs are highly practical design elements. That is mainly because:
1. They are versatile
2. They can fit into any room
3. They can blend in, stand out, and complement your design
Have you ever considered getting a pouf for somewhere in your home, but you weren’t quite sure what you can do with it? If so, let’s go a little deeper into why they are so useful for a design.

Poufs are Versatile

Poufs are a versatile piece of furniture that can tie your room together effortlessly. Poufs are unique in that they are solid, yet soft, and therefore they can be used in a variety of different ways. Poufs can function as a chair, footrest, an additional tabletop, and more depending on where they are located.
Another unique thing about them is that they are generally paired with something else. Poufs aren’t meant to take the place of another piece of furniture like ottomans can do at times. They are designed to be an accessory that can pair with a variety of different things in your space, so they don’t take away from existing furniture but add to it.

Different Shapes and Sizes

It might not seem like it, but not all furniture pieces are meant to fit into any design, literally and figuratively. If something doesn’t fit spatially, it will stick out like a sore thumb. And that also applies to poufs. Even though they are relatively small, they can throw off a design in a big way if not treated properly. Since they are an accessory, it’s even more important for them to literally fit into your design seamlessly. If your pouf is too big for the area it’s intended to go in, it can look clunky and unnatural, which is the exact opposite of how a pouf should look.
To find the right shape and size for your pouf, look at your space from different areas, pay attention to the angles of your room, and go from there. Shop online form farsh.com.sa