The ottoman is probably the most versatile piece of furniture known to mankind. Borrowed from royalty, this simple low stool can be bought both as a standalone piece or as an addition to accent chairs or sofa sets. Every beautiful home should have at least one ottoman stool.

What is Ottoman furniture?

Tracing its usage back to the Ottoman Empire, from where it undoubtedly derived its name, an Ottoman seat is a low-lying padded couch that has neither back or head. It comes in either round, square or rectangle form. This furniture piece can be adapted as a footstool, alternative seating in case of extra guests or a coffee table as long as you have a tray to balance it on a round pouffe. Amazingly, an ottoman can also be highly instrumental in storing household stuff and knickknacks.
The two primary features of ottoman furniture are aesthetics and comfort. You can always choose them on the basis of your comfort needs. Various designs of ottoman online give you the choice of either a firm surface or plush cushioning. Browse and buy ottoman online now.

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What makes an ottoman different from other furniture?

For long, this has been the most commonly asked question by the decor enthusiasts. And now, that we have solved this query, let’s move to the next topic of understanding ottoman designs better. We have categorised the ottomans on the basis of their shape, colours and cushioning here for your convenience.

Buy Ottoman Designs by Shapes

Whether you are a traditionalist or a modern decor aficionado, the right shaped ottoman can remould the design of your drawing-room. In a broad sense, it can be categorised into these shapes:

- Round Ottoman Design

A round ottoman placed in the middle of a room filled with square and hard-edged furniture lends the otherwise sharp room a particular softness. Even with all its usefulness, this ottoman is more of a decorative accessory and looks really cute.

- Square Ottoman Design

Also known as the cube ottoman, the square ottoman can double as a storage space - if it comes with a lid - and looks best either stashed at the side or in between a set of accent chairs. It looks adequate when placed in front of benches too.

- Rectangle Ottoman Design

The rectangular ottoman is the perfect companion to your oversized chairs and sofas, acting as a level footstool or a coffee table in the absence of one. With more surface area, their support is greater than a round ottoman. But these become a design element of your room when you experiment with their colours and prints.

- Upholstered Ottoman Design

An upholstered ottoman gives the perfect padding for a comfortable seating experience and boldly projects its design from across the room. Farsh offers a wider selection of colours, decors and styles in this section. You can choose from solids, floral, plaids or stripes’ prints.

- Modern Ottoman Designs

The traditional ottoman has seen many design innovations over the years. Check out the various funky modern ottoman designs now available at Farsh.