Occasional Desk


Decorating rules to worry about when it comes to placing and using occasional tables. Of course, if you intend to put something heavy on an occasional table(like a lamp with a substantial base, for example), you’ll need to choose an occasional table that is sturdy and large enough to support the object. The old rules of matching furniture no longer apply, so it’s perfectly fine that your occasional tables are not the same style and material as your dining or coffee tables. For sheer versatility in a room, occasional tables take the cake. This handy piece of furniture can be placed just about anywhere and has a multitude of different functions.

Shopping to decorate your home can be stressful to begin with (you loved it in the store, but now it looks–different–in your living room or dining room), and struggling to understand the purpose and point of so many different table options can be the nail in the coffin.

So, let’s get the most important things out of the way first: first, it’s a mistake to assume that you need any table just because other people have one.

Likewise, it’s a mistake to assume that a table should be purely decorative. For example, your mother-in-law might have a lovely home filled with tchotchkes you keep bumping into, but just because she insists your couch won’t be right without an end table doesn’t mean that’s the gospel truth.

In fact, the best interior design doesn’t just look nice; it makes the time you spend in your home nicer, as well.

It’s easy to get confused about tables, however; apart from the kitchen’s table obvious purpose, tables names like “console table” and “side table” are often just sort of thrown around willy nilly without much thought to function or style. We buy something called an “accent table” because we think we need one and we dutifully move it from house to house. Shop online from farsh.com.sa