Occasional Chair


An occasional chair is an upholstered chair that makes a style statement. Although it provides useful extra seating, its primary purpose is to add decoration to your home. Not limited to the living room, occasional chairs can be used in many different rooms of the house, including the study, hallway, bedroom, guest room, dining room and conservatory. Generally, occasional chairs have smaller dimensions than a standard armchair, adding interest without dominating the space or taking up too much room. Because of this feature, they can be a stylish seating solution for compact living. They are also generally lighter and so easier to manoeuvre, perfect for providing extra seating during special occasions. Farsh provide you best quality occational chairs in affordable price. Type refers to the basic design of the chair, including the look and construction of its legs, back, and seat. Select the option that works best for your needs, preferences, and overall design of the room you’re buying it for.

The type of chair you choose to accent your décor and other furniture dictates the additional design options that are available. This type of furniture is notable for its sleek, streamlined design. They provide an extra place to sit without taking much space. With an upholstered top, your color and pattern options are nearly endless.

Slipper chairs are available in numerous colors and styles to suit everyone’s needs, whether that’s style, comfort, or a mixture of the two. Comfort is key with this style of furniture. These pieces are created from the ground up with comfort in mind. Upholstery and plentiful padding make them a great place to sit and relax.

Given the vast variety of material and color options available, a barrel chair is a great piece that adds a natural and rustic feel to any room.

Used for centuries as a staple in libraries and other formal rooms, one of these pieces will bring a dose of classic style to any room. The tall back and winged sides are staples of its design.

Though traditionally used in a formal setting, modern versions look just as good in a laid back, relaxed living room. Place yours in front of a fireplace, in an entryway, or at a desk. You can even use them around a dining table.

Note that most of these pieces are quite bulky. They’re not the best option if you plan to move your seating around on a regular basis. Buy exclusive furniture from our online store farsh.com.sa