Nested Table


Here’s a hot theory—tables are the most significant piece of furniture in a house. Hear us out: they anchor the entire space, be it the living room or the bedroom, and create a crossroad where taste meets personal touch. All of which is what nested tables have been doing for centuries. Originally called Quartetto tables, “nest of tables'' are believed to be invented by an English cabinet maker in the late 18th century. It is simply a table within a table, a set of tables if you will (hence the name), that is practical and decorative. An often forgotten stalwart of a home, they are a fantastic find for those who seem to host unexpected guests or the ones who love cleverly storing furniture when not in need.

The ultimate space-savers because of their unique gift of stacking, nesting tables are god’s gifts to modern homes. And whether you need one that feels like mid-century nesting side tables or a just a multi-purpose accessory that morphs into a nested stool, Farsh got them all. Channel your inner designer and indulge in every style from refined to rustic, minimalist to farmhouse chic. Get creative with beautiful table furnishings, coffee table books, or other ornaments that you’ve collected.

Who doesn’t love (even need) everyday functionality? That’s what a nest of tables does well. They combine style with substance. By experimenting with a modern nest of tables, you will be surprised at the number of ways you can bring an eclectic twist to your favourite room. One could always buy traditional coffee tables but arrange nested tables in ascending order, and suddenly you’ve added a layer of intrigue to your space. We have an impressive collection of nested tables’ design, so come along and explore the fascinating world of decorating with them.

- Stackable nesting tables

- From acting as the stylish brother of coffee tables to stealing the show as nightstands, stackable side tables can do it all. Add a rustic charm to your home with a set of wooden nest of tables. Or use ones made of metal as stacking tables to make a statement without compromising on the cosy feel of your family room. Or un-nest them and cluster them for a great cocktail table.

- Nesting end tables

- Set the stage for drama with nesting end tables. Round nest of tables would make especially brilliant companions to the ends of your sofas. They provide you with a nesting coffee table to decorate, double up as stools or small study tables when you need one. Scatter them to serve as both side tables for your snacks and prop your feet up while binge-watching TV.

- Modern nest of tables

- The ‘practical’ doesn’t have to be plain as proven by the modern nest of tables. A powerhouse of décor, these nested tables can add some modern flair to any room. Geometric patterns and modern designs help these tables seamlessly switch into many avatars, including console tables. Flexible décor elements go a long way in making designing your home a lot easier.