Living Side Chair


Our collection of side chairs online can fit into a variety of interior décor themes such as modern, traditional, and minimalist. For spaces such as the living room, side chairs are worth the investment. Relax in style on recliners and place them in spaces such as the bedroom and other areas. Whether it's sidechairs online or those without arms, you can find chairs that suit your style at Farsh.

Your home should be a space where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy life. That’s why it’s essential to have comfortable chairs throughout the house on which you can sit. No matter which room you’re shopping for, you have plenty of options for chair types available to you.

Are You Supposed to Match Side Chairs?

It’s a common question amongst customers who are looking for chairs for their dining room/table: Should chairs be bought as a set (i.e., “matching”) or can different styles of side chairs go together? It depends on the style you want to achieve; core traditional and core modern styles will want a matching set, and mixing-and-matching is preferred for “in-between” styles like boho or even rustic-traditional or rustic-modern.

Types of Side Chairs

Pricing and types of side chairs range dramatically – from the stackable, folding kinds to the heavy wood designs. Choosing the best one for you will depend on why you’re looking for a side chair in the first place. Do you need temporary seating for a party or heavy-duty chairs that will add to your interior decor? If the former, a sheet metal stacking chair (that can be put away in a closet or garage when you’re not entertaining) is your best option.You’ll want to invest a little more time, money and effort in your search for a side chair that isn’t for temporary use, but rather made of long-lasting heavy wood that’s designed as much for aesthetics as it is to stand up to daily wear-and-tear.

Choosing a Side Chair Style

If you’re venturing out into the furniture market looking to “buy a side chair,” you may want to narrow down your parameters a bit. ‘Side chair’ can mean a lot of different things visually; here are a few of the common styles:

- Upholstered seat with wood back and legs. Not as common as the other two, this style favors a wood design with a hint of upholstery in the seating only. Country cottage, rustic and farmhouse are the best complements for this design.

- All-upholstered. More stylistically conservative, the side chair that’s all-upholstered (with a hidden wood frame) is the traditional answer to the former. Base is usually skirted or sewn to blocked legs.

- Upholstered back and seat with wood legs. An upholstered back and seat is often the choice for those who spend a lot of time in their dining rooms, simply because it’s often the most comfortable of all the options. (Unlike the all-upholstered design, an open wood base allows for more legroom.)

- All-wood. An all-wood side chair cuts right to the chase; it’s practical, sturdy, always easy to clean and always timeless in style.


Even if you want to purchase a side chair for a kitchen table, remember that it will probably end up being used in the living room, as well. Be sure to think about the colors and style of your dining room and living room when selecting a design. When thinking about the seating around your dining table, know that side chairs aren’t the only option. Benches, stools, armchairs and even table-height settees all make fantastic style alternatives. Mix and match with the side chair – or skip the side chair altogether! Of course, when we say ‘side chair alternative,’ we don’t just mean the side chair itself – we also mean places to put the side chair! For side chairs, the places beyond the dining table are varied (and exciting)! Try a lone bedroom corner as ‘book nook’ seating; home office desk for home office seating; or even as entryway seating (or “foyer seating,” if you’re feeling fancy)! Buy from