Living Shelf


Wall shelves are an essential part of an organised room. They are extremely functional as they utilise unused vertical space, giving you more storage options, and also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your room. You can use your wall shelf for books, showpieces, plants, paintings, photographs, and any other forms of décor.

At Farsh, we have a wide range of wall shelf designs available according to their placement and also the material used, some of which are hardwood, engineered wood, metal, and glass among others.

Fixed-bracket shelves are made of individual brackets which can be used as stand-alone shelves or in combination with additional brackets to form a multi-unit system.

Fixed brackets are available in metal and wood, attached or hinged directly to the wall or a case. They are supported by metal or plastic shelf pins that range in thicknesses and size.

Wood brackets are available in a wide range of decorative styles and are extensively used in house interiors. This system is also called suspension shelving.

You can easily remove a shelf and its brackets if needed. They are readily available in the market, too.

This system is simplest among all the other shelving units. Fitted within nooks, alcoves, and other niches, built-in shelves can be installed almost anywhere where there is an indent; thus suitable for homes where space is tight!

The simplest type of built-in shelving system is a single plank of wood fixed horizontally over an opening in a wall. Built-in shelving system can be installed virtually anywhere in a home!

They can be assembled and fitted on site or constructed off-site, generally in a workshop and installed once completed. These systems are an effective and flexible way to maximize the unused spots.

These shelves aren’t just functionally amazing, but are also awesome to look at! Unlike fixed brackets units, which are attached by visible nails and pins, they appear to float over walls seemingly unattached to screws and hinged.

They are a stylish way to show off prized buys and art pieces. Also referred to as torsion box shelves, they are made of engineered wood with internal bracket support, which forms a shallow closed box, providing load-bearing strength.

They are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, designs and shapes and make fine interior decorating accessories.