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Is the sofa large enough to accommodate family members? • Is everyone comfortable enough for an evening out? • Does the color and style match the rest of your home decor? With so many options for modern furniture and modern sofa designs, it can be confusing to choose the one that fits all your needs. Shopping for sofas online is easy if done right. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when buying sofa furniture online. The first step is to measure how much space your home can accommodate a sofa. Take out the measuring tape and measure the area, height and free space accurately. Once you've decided on the size you need, discuss with your family what type of design might suit your needs. Soft cushion or hard cushion or no cushion at all Which sofa set model is right for you - classic or modern? Also, choose the price range that's right for you.

Buy sofa set according to its position

Living in a city surely has its perks but it also comes with its set of drawbacks and one of the biggest downsides to it is that we are constantly pressed for space. The golden rule here is that you should always prioritise function over form. In other words, the purpose of your sofa set for the hall matters more than how you’re going to arrange it. Therefore, the type of sofas that you need to get depends on where you intend to place it.

- Which Sofa set is best for a living room?

- The living room is where you spend most of your time lounging with your family. So what you need is a sofa set that offers the perfect mix of aesthetics and comfort. Choose furniture for the living room that matches the colour scheme of your interiors. Select from rustic wooden, premium leather or contemporary furniture depending upon the layout of your room and the look that you’re going for.

- Which Sofa set would be ideal for a small drawing room?

- Needless to say, you would need a compact sofa set for a small hall that fits your space perfectly. As you have no choice but to get a little creative with space, a sofa-cum-bed, modern futon, divan or a recliner would be ideal as your drawing room furniture set. If you’re cramped for space, you would need a specifically designed sofa set for a small living room.

- Which is the perfect sofa set for bedroom?

- What adds to the comfort of a nice cosy bed? A bedroom sofa set that adds some charm to your bedroom and perfectly complements your bed. Choose a furniture that seamlessly blends in with the decor of the bedroom making it look absolutely flawless.

- Which sofa set should I get for my office?

- A corporate setup needs to look professional. Sofa sets in office spaces are symbolic of the virtues of the office. It’s where important discussions take place. It’s where decisions are fermented and action is set in motion. Hence, you should choose an office furniture that goes perfectly with your office environment while providing maximum comfort.

Choose a sofa set according to the number of seats:

- We all have a dream sofa set in mind but we also need to be practical about it. Analyse the space available in the room and choose a sofa accordingly. Once you have a good idea of the dimensions of your room, selecting the right sofa set becomes a piece of cake.

- 2 Seater Sofa Set:

A 2 seater sofa set is always in fashion. Extremely versatile in nature, they can be placed anywhere you deem fit as they take up minimal space.

- 3 Seater Sofa Set:

Perfect for a medium-sized living room a 3 seater sofa set may be the only seating that you need for your living room.

- 4 seater Sofa Set:

They go well with spacious homes and serve as perfect get together relaxation pads for larger families.

- 5 Seater Sofa Set:

If you’re wondering where I can get living room furniture online for a family of 5 members, you don’t have to worry as Farsh it has limitless options for you to choose from. - A 5 seater sofa set is easy to customize as you can arrange it as per your requirement. It can be categorised into 2+2+1, 3+1+1 and 3+2 models.

- 2 2 1 Sofa Set: This is a great option for families that are just starting off. Get cosy with your loved ones with this set.

- 3 1 1 Sofa Set: Another configuration of the same 5 seater is the 3+1+1 that can be easily arranged as per your liking.

- 3 2 Sofa Set: One of the most common arrangements, the 3+2 sofa set is a definite must-have.

- 6-seater Sofa Set:

The perfect space for you to spend quality time with your friends and family.

- 7-seater Sofa Set:

There will always be room for more when you select this 7-seater sofa set. Specially designed for large families, this sofa set can even accommodate guests with ease