King Size Bed


Let the best part of your day be your nights in bed with our ultra-luxurious range of king size beds. To ensure we cater to all types of décor themes and aesthetics under the sun, we have an extensive collection of king size bed designs from which you can choose. Whether your vibe is best represented by a rustic king size wooden bed design or a more modern king sized bed, Farsh got you covered. Although a bed is a large piece of furniture, there’s no worry of it looking cramped or cluttered. Instead, it makes bedroom organisation a breeze and optimises space-utilisation effectively, especially with king size bed set.

Wooden king size beds will stand the test of time. This highly durable piece of furniture is a classy and sophisticated addition to your bedroom. Much like the wide variety of designs available, king size bed prices are also varied, so you can be confident that you will find one within your budget. You can elevate your bedroom décor with king size bedsheet to compliment your bedroom’s colour scheme and create a soothing bedroom atmosphere. Buy king size beds online for a night of restful sleep and wake up energised and refreshed, ready to take on the day.

Wide range of King size beds available at Farsh

- Double King size bed

- A king size bed is a particularly luxurious option with extra wiggle room, it’s a great option for people who tend to move around to sleep more comfortably. Although not as popular a choice as the queen size, these double king size beds are indulgent and the comfort provided by the size makes it worth taking up a little extra space in the room. However, now with storage king size beds offering sample and easy-to-access storage space, it is making them more and more popular. Explore the wide range of double bed king size online and you’re sure to find plenty in different materials and offering a host of storage options. If you’re getting a wooden bed, consider a wooden sofa to pair with it and create a flow of similar furniture through the house.

- Storage King size bed

- A big bed means big space for storage so a storage king size bed offers enough and more storage space to stash away large and bulky materials like winter wear and thick blankets. King size hydraulic storage bed with its hydraulic mechanism also makes it a convenient option since anyone can open and close it with ease, whenever necessary. Alternatively, a King size bed with storage drawers is a classic and gives you storage space in the form of pull-out drawers. These drawers can vary in size but are also able to hold a significant amount of items. If you want to go a step further with the classic look then wood is the way to go and a wooden king size bed with storage is the perfect choice. However, if you don’t need the storage space, then king size bed without storage are also available and the lack of storage makes them a cost effective option.

- King size bed set

- King size bed prices tend to vary greatly depending on the material it’s made of, as well as features like storage. However, you can definitely find a king size bed within your budget because of the numerous options. A king size bed set is a great option as it brings in other similar elements to complement your bed frame and create a cohesive look to your room. Explore the range of king size bedroom sets to explore options for storage as well colour and materials to discover what you’d like whether that’s a wooden set which has a more classic and traditional appeal that you can’t go wrong with or whether they’re modern king size bedroom sets. You can also pair it with a TV units to create the ultimate room to wind down in.

Plan your king size bed placement with this practical guide on dimensions:

Generally, the dimension of king size bed in feet is 6’ (width) x 6.5’ (length). However, strictly speaking, this corresponds to the dimensions of a king bed matteress. In case you choose a headboard, that too with storage, the total length of your king size bed is bound to increase. Also, if you choose drawer-type storage, some free space will be required on the sides to open the drawers completely. This increases the ‘effective width’ of the bed. It is worth remembering that the ‘effective height’ of the bed is the sum of the mattress thickness and the distance of the board from the floor.

Typically, a king size bed is installed in the largest bedrooms in the house. Once you account for wardrobes and other furniture in the bedroom, the remaining space should give you an idea of the type of king size bed that can fit. Alternatively, in case the bedroom is not furnished yet, you could choose a king size bed online first, that meets your double bed needs, and then select bedroom accessories like a bedside table accordingly. At Farsh, you can get some of the most stylish and functional king size beds online. Compared to a queen size bed, these definitely offer more space – be it on the mattress, in the headboard, or inside the main storage area. For such big a bed, king size accessories are recommended. For example, you could install a combination of premium sheer and heavy curtains to go with your plush choice. Do check our sofa cum beds to add more style to your living room.