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Floor Lamp


If you’re scrolling online looking for ‘best floor lamps, then the right place to end your search for floor lamps online would be Farsh. With myriad options of floor lamps available in various patterns, shapes, hues, and colours, you can take your pick and choose the one best suited for your home at a reasonable floor lamp price. There are floor lamps that have been uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of the space in which it will be used. An office floor lamp is one such accessory that can be used as a design and functional element in a home office setting. Other creative ways to incorporate good lighting would be to use small floor lamps in the living room and round floor lamps in the bedroom area of the home. Buy floor lamps and radiant wall lights that provide both form and function to create an elegant space that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Farsh offers you a wide selection of quaint and sophisticated designer floor lamps to match your unique and distinctive home. We offer you a great deal of variety in our selection of floor lamps to cater to your varying tastes.

- Our rustic selection of floor lamps uses natural and teak finish to provide you with unique but subtle looks.
- For those who prefer a modern edge to all their lighting fixtures, we present the floor lamps that are minimalist in design but pack a punch in their overall appeal. Placed against subtle colours, these decorative floor lamps are sure conversation openers.
- The tripod spotlight lamp is a unique and distinctive floor lamp that is sure to stand out with great grandeur in any room it is placed in.

Our large and diverse selection of unique floor lamps is sure to brighten up a corner of your room with class and supreme elegance. Shop online at to find the perfect selection of floor lamps to light up your home just the way you like.

Standing lamps that are minimalist in design but pack a punch in their overall appeal

An illuminating standing lamp is the ideal decorative element to create an aesthetically appealing décor in the home. Its tall and portable design makes floor standing lamps a perfect lighting accessory that can be used in different areas, such as living room, bedroom, and study room. In most homes ceiling lights are used extensively for ambient lighting, but the advantage of using standing lamps is that it also provides accent lighting. If you’re looking for standing lamps online, then we’d recommend the following types of floor standing lamps that would be an excellent addition to your home:

- Floor standing lamps

- Floor standing lamps can create a magical effect in the living room. Place a floor standing reading lamp next to an accent chair and create a cosy reading nook where you can relax for hours. If you have an entryway table near the living room, consider placing designer table lamps on top to brighten up your décor space further.

- Tripod standing lamp

- A tripod standing lamp is an excellent lighting accessory that can blend in with ease within modern and contemporary design spaces. A stylish and elegant three-legged tripod standing lamp’s adjustable design makes it a convenient choice for those who prefer flexibility in their lighting accessories.

- Modern standing lamps

- The clean lines, minimalist design and high functionality of modern standing lamps make it an appropriate choice for modern and contemporary homes. Get your favourite one at an unbelievable stand lamp price only at Farsh.

- Brass standing lamps

- The old-world charm and vintage appeal of brass standing lamps makes it a preferred choice for those who love a hint of traditional design in their home décor. It’s an excellent decorative standing lamp option that juxtaposes modern amenities with classic décor themes.

Shop floor lamps and standing lamps for different corners of your house

Every area of the home requires specific furniture pieces that improve the décor and functionality of the room. We understand how important it is to select the right furniture online that can enhance and uplift the vibe of your home. While finalising the lighting fixtures and accessories of your home do consider floor lamps that can provide ambient lighting, task-specific lighting and accent lighting for highlighting certain important areas of the room. Recommended below is a list of floor lamps best suited for each important area of the home:

- Floor lamps for living room

- For many, the living room is an oasis of comfort, warmth, and leisure. An aesthetically designed living room incorporates details that harmoniously work together to create the home décor that works for you. One such important detail is the floor lamp for living room. A contemporary floor lamp for living room, when placed next to living room furniture pieces such as accent chairs or sofa sets, looks delightful.

- Standing lamps for living room

- Standing lamps for living room are worth it as their tall design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room. The flexible design structure of a tripod floor lamp for living room makes it easy to control the intensity of light concentrated on a particular area. Also, the portability factor of decorative floor lamps for living room which can also be used as corner lamps for living room will allow for reinventing the space when required. Modern floor lamps for the living room such as bright floor lamps for living room work well in infusing a sense of visual beauty and warmth to the room.

- Bedroom Floor Lamps

- Floor lamps for bedroom spaces look better when placed next to a bedroom sets. A bedroom floor lamp with warm shades can illuminate the area to create a cosy vibe in the room.

- Bedroom standing lamp

- A bedroom standing lamp with its impressive and elegant structure will undoubtedly make heads turn. A bedroom standing lamp crafted out of wood is an excellent vintage style lamp for the bedroom.

- Dining room floor lamp

- Placing a dining room floor lamp in corners of your dining room area is a great way to incorporate ambient lighting. Guests will love the warm hues of soft incandescent light around the dining table.