Chaise Lounge


Comfortable, stylish seating is the backbone of any living room. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on what sort of accommodation is going to work best with your existing décor. While the first choice for many might be a standard sofa, it’s worth considering that there are other options out there to make for a more exciting yet comfortable living space. Living room chaises are one such choice. Chaise lounges are functional, stylish, and suitable for lounging around on, as the name suggests. Sometimes, a standard sofa just doesn’t work. If you’ve got a space with an unorthodox shape, finding living room furniture that fits can be something of a puzzle. Living room chaises are a way to effortlessly solve this puzzle while still retaining some serious style.

Shop Lounge Chair designs Online

The quintessential modern lounge chair often seen in today’s contemporary homes is a must-have accessory to liven up the living room. A beautiful lounge chair design is not only pleasing to the eye but also scores high on functionality and comfort. Farsh has a plethora of designer lounge chairs well suited for your tastes.

- Lounge Chair Design

- Don’t we all love elegant and beautifully crafted lounge chairs? Look no further than Farsh that promises a stunning collection of stylish lounge chairs at unbelievable prices!

- Modern Lounge Chair

- Contemporary lounge chairs with their free-flowing designs, no extra frills and simplicity is all the rage in modern homes. Place a few modern design rocking lounge chair right alongside a few elegant bar stools and you have the perfect seating arrangement ready for the next big party.

Choose your lounge chair by finish

A lounge chair with a stunning finish is bound to get the compliments rolling. Check out the lounge chair mentioned below by finishes that you can consider for your home:

- Leatherette Finish

- Leatherette or faux leather finish is an ideal and economical alternative to genuine leather lounge chairs. If you’re keen on looking for options that do not have a heavy price tag, a leatherette lounge chair will be perfect. A leatherette lounge chair is easy to clean and maintain and often lasts for years with minimal care.

- Fabric Finish

- A breathable fabric finish on a fabric lounger is perfect for places that often deal with high temperatures. Since it’s quite airy, it will regulate your body temperature better than a lounge chair made with synthetic materials. Materials such as cotton are also known to be hypoallergenic making it ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies.