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Wooden or metal beds, which is better?

Sleep plays a key role in an individual's health, it is very important to have a good rest to maintain, and good sleep makes your day better. How can you get a comfortable sleep for a better life? The basis for a good night's sleep is getting a good bed, and choosing a good bed includes choosing an excellent quality structure to get the best bed. Be careful to choose a bed that combines comfort, elegant appearance and quality of making. We advise you to browse the Farsh which provides beds with the highest quality standards and at the best prices.
06 Jun


Minotti is an internationally known Italian company in contemporary furniture design, which was founded by Alberto Menotti in 1948 and continued to grow and expand at the hands of his heirs Renato and Roberto until it arrived Global markets.
30 May

5 tips for small room furniture

Dealing with rooms with small space is a challenge for homeowners when doing furnishing. Is it impossible to achieve what you want from the rooms in case they are small or is there a way you can use the spaces well?
27 May

Budget to be allocated to purchase furniture

Doing any work needs to develop a clear plan that includes the steps to follow, the length of time that work takes to get done and the material costs it requires, for all things to be clear and to avoid Any surprise was not taken into account; buying home furniture like other businesses requires a detailed budget for all the pieces you want to own; can the budget for all the furniture be calculated equally? You first have to make the right decision in choosing which pieces of furniture are worth paying more for and not others and which pieces can be saved when you buy them and not spend too much on them to determine the budget you need.
20 May

Can traditional pieces of furniture be refurbished without having to be replaced?

The traditional furniture belongs to the classic style of luxury and sophistication, also known as the royal character. It is overcome by the colours of warmth, homogeneity, the use of wood in abundance and the use of plenty of detail such as etching, decorations, fabrics with elegant drawings and patterns. If you're looking for pieces of furniture of this model peruse the Farsh website and browse Ramsis chair , Magi's bedroom and arabesque Antique Chest .
19 May

Buy furniture online

Buying furniture is not easy; as the cost of buying furniture is high and you need a lot of time to make the right decision to choose the perfect pieces of furniture that fit the space and style that Follow it when designing your room decor. With the technological development that has made our lives easier the back of online shopping, you can buy anything you need while lying on your sofa effortlessly for what's in it From a shorthand for time and effort; but can you go through the experience of doing the purchase of furniture online or do you prefer the traditional shopping method!
18 May

New office furniture

Office furniture greatly affects morale and productive efficiency, as the details of office design must be taken care of to make it special. We'll give you some tips that help select premium office furniture. The choice of office furniture differs from other furniture because of its limited space, so the number of furniture pieces too will be limited.
17 May

Pros and cons of owning wooden and glass coffee tables

Coffee tables Coffee tables add special elegance when inserted in the middle of the living room; make sure to choose a table that suits the size and height of your chairs and sofa. The number of options available from coffee table types and designs gives you the opportunity to choose a table that fits the room's decor and caters to your needs. Today we will mention the wooden and glass coffee tables and the advantages and disadvantages of each owning them.
16 May

How can you avoid scratches for glass coffee tables?

Glass coffee tables give a luxurious look to the living room, as well as being a practical option, because glass is a heat-resistant and easy-to-clean material, but in case you choose this The kind of table, you should handle it with caution to avoid scratching it and to avoid breaking it.
13 May

What is the life span of some types of furniture?

The life of the pieces depends on how often they are used, how much they are cared for, and the materials used. Below we present to you the shelf life of some types of furniture.
11 May