Bedroom Side Table


While our bedside tables offer practical benefits, they also lift the bedroom décor by a few notches.Match it with all your bedroom furniture, and the result is complete harmony with a uniform look. Get a bedside table online in complete contrast, and you`ve created a focal point that makes a statement instantly in the room.

Don`t harbour the impression that these are only for the master bedroom. Bedside tables have great utility in the guest room. While there are many storage spaces in the house, old photo albums, collectible magazines and novels are best stored in the guest room`s night stands. Whenever a guest comes, especially from the older generation, they will be happy to spend time reminiscing on the past or reading these literary gems while you're at work.

Bedroom Side Table Designs that will add an extra touch to your bedroom

We all love the sight of a cosy and comfortable bedroom. It’s our abode of peace and tranquillity, away from the stresses and strains of life. At Farsh, we believe taking the time to choose a stylish and functional bedroom furniture set is worth it. Apart from the bed, a well-designed and elegant bedside table design is all you need to create a pleasant ambience in your bedroom area.

- Modern Bedroom Side Table

- A modern bedside table is ideal for bedrooms designed with a contemporary theme. If you have a modern cot in your bedroom, then a minimalist modern white bedside table will liven up your room. Clean lines, bold designs, and eclectic colours are the hallmark of the latest bedside table designs. Do take a look at Farsh catalogue of bedside table designs and be prepared to be inspired.

- Wooden Bedroom Side Table Design

- The sophistication and charm of a wooden bedside table design are unmatched. Even a simple bedside table design made with wood looks incredibly stylish and chic. One of the best qualities of a wooden furniture piece is that it can seamlessly blend with any décor theme. Pair a wooden bedside table with wooden wardrobes from Farsh to create a warm and inviting bedroom space.

- Contemporary Bedroom Side Table

- If you love all things modern, then consider getting yourself a contemporary bedside table. With a strong focus on shape, form and neutral colours, contemporary designs have a futuristic appeal while also being highly functional. Experiment with materials such as chrome, glass, or steel for your bedside table furniture. The added advantage of additional storage space makes a contemporary bedside table a ‘must-have’ in furniture design. Farsh Contemporary designer bedside tables provide you with a wide range to choose from.