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At Farsh, we understand that no two people have the same requirements which is why we offer a diverse range of furniture options.Choose from our safe and comfortable range of all beds. No matter what you need, we've got it. We offer a variety of interesting and varied designs within the same general category, so you can find a design that fits well with your existing design aesthetic. What's the best thing about buying furniture online at Farsh? Our bed prices are very reasonable and offer total value for money. Browse our bed designs and buy the best quality beds from Farsh

What to consider while evaluating a bed design:

The two key questions you should ask while assessing a bed design are: ‘how effectively does it address my requirements?’ and ‘how innovative is it?’ There are many bed designs in the market that may partially satisfy the former, but very few that make the cut for the latter. While creating the design of bed during the product development phase, we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible – eventually delivering beds that give you more for less.

Take our stackable bed, for example. It can be configured as one single bed stacked above another, two beds kept separately, or a large bed. This highly innovative and functional bed design gives you great flexibility when guests visit, or when kids declare war temporarily and need to be separated. Yet another example is our platform bed. These sleek, low-slung beds take you to another world once you plonk into them. Inimitably stylish, these are loaded with useful features such as hidden headboard space, box storage, ledges for small essentials, and more.


The latest wooden bed designs with its glamour and polished exterior are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide functional value. The best bed design is the one which provides a solid foundation to the mattress while also seamlessly merging into the overarching decor theme of the bedroom space. Combining a feather-soft bedsheet, a comfortable mattress, and a solid bed design can create an inviting ambience in the bedroom.

Experiment with modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, or shabby chic bed designs depending on your bedroom’s theme. A modern or contemporary bed design is an excellent choice for homes that are designed with a certain element of minimalism with a strong focus on functionality. Latest wooden bed design crafted in modern style is a neutral and earthy furniture design that will be a perfect fit for a modern bedroom. The addition of a cosy mattress, plush bedsheet, and fluffy pillows can amp up the style quotient of your bedroom in manifold ways. Modern bed designs are crafted with sturdy materials that can often stand the test of time while providing inventive storage options to stash away varied items.

If you prefer a traditional bed design, consider an elegant four poster bed with a flowy canopy. Fit for royalty, a grand four-poster wooden bed design can create an good ambience in the bedroom. For a large bedroom space, the imposing structure and sophisticated design of a four-poster bed is an excellent furniture option. Accessorise it with soft cushions and a designer duvet to complete the look of your four-poster bed.

At Farsh, you can explore a multitude of design ideas before finalising the bed design of your dreams. An extensive wooden bed designs catalogue replete with accurate details on dimensions and materials will give you all the details you need to set up your bedroom space. Get your favourite wooden bed design with prices so affordable we bet you’ll love.

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Refreshing sleep is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. The cosy and comfortable warmth of a relaxing bedroom is the perfect place to retire at the end of a long day. In the design scheme of a bedroom, beds play a crucial role. In the bed room bed design plays a big role since the bed takes up a huge chunk of the bedroom space, and it’s important to select the one that fits in best with our lifestyle needs. Mentioned below are the latest bed design structures that you may consider for your bedroom space: